90s renaissance with City Hall centerpiece

A decision was made during this period that any redevelopment of Providence should reaffirm a commitment to maintaining and preserving the city's distinct traditional architecture.This commitment, and a unified movement to revitalize the city, brought on the Providence renaissance of the 1990s.

The renaissance reveals itself in the design of the new riverwalks, the Rhode Island Convention Center, the Westin Providence, Citizens Plaza, the Providence Place mall and the Fleet Skating Center, new structures which borrow from the city's traditional architecture. The same renaissance flourishes in the refurbishing of numerous historic buildings in the downtown. The Providence Performing Arts Center, also saved from the wrecking ball in the 1970s, has served as the model for many buildings perserved and brought back to life in what is called the Arts & Entertainment District.

City Hall has served as the centerpiece for the urban renaissance of the 1990s. At the peak of this renaissance, in October and November of 1998, the city celebrated the 120th Anniversary of City Hall with lectures, guided tours, an exhibit of rare photos and documents, and other cultural events for school children and the general public to commemorate the landmark structure.

As the architectural anchor for the capital city, Providence City Hall has gained new respect in recent years. As the seat of government which launched the city's rebirth, City Hall is the center for its urban renaissance. And as we move into the new millennium it continues to remind us of our city's singular strength...its magnificent, unparalleled historic architecture.

On the front steps of City Hall, Mayor Cianci addresses the audience at the 120th Anniversary of City Hall celebration (October 28, 1998).