Mayors of the City of Providence

19. Edwin D. McGuinness (1856-1901)

Served January 1896 to January 1898 (Democrat)

Birthplace: Providence. McGuinness graduated from Brown University in 1877 and received his law degree from Boston University in 1879. He was both the first Irish Roman Catholic and resident of Irish decent to hold the office of Mayor. He played an extensive role in the Rhode Island Militia. Recognized in the Providence Journal as "the first great triumph for independence in politics" in the city, McGuinness also served as Rhode Island Secretary of State. (Portrait number twenty-one, located on the fourth floor)

20. William C. Baker (1858-1931)

Served January 1898 to January 1901 (Democrat)

Birthplace: North Kingstown. Baker graduated from Brown University in 1881, remained an active alumnus and was the permanent class president. He was the superintendent of North Kingstown public schools and taught French and German at DeVeaux College, located at Suspension Bridge, New York. He advocated reform, taxation, and municipal administration. (Portrait number eighteen, located on the fourth floor)

21. Daniel L. D. Granger (1852-1909)

Served January 1901 to January 1903 (Democrat)

Birthplace: Providence. An 1874 graduate of Brown University, Granger studied law at Boston University, was admitted to the Rhode Island Bar, and practiced law in Newport. He was elected City Treasurer of Providence three times. He also served as a U.S. representative from Rhode Island and promoted free trade with Canada. (Portrait number twenty-eight, located on the fifth floor)

22. Augustus Miller (1847-1905)

Served January 1903 to September 1905 (Democrat)

Birthplace: Plainfield, Connecticut. An 1871 graduate of Brown University, Miller was a direct descendent of Roger Williams. He was always active with public and private schools and had several law partnerships. Miller also served as a clerk of the Rhode Island Supreme Court and as Attorney Counselor to the U.S. Supreme Court. He was a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, the Rhode Island State Senate, and served as Speaker of the House from 1889-91. He died during his mayoral term. (Portrait number thirty, located on the fifth floor)