-Paintwork echoes inlaid marble-

The color scheme of the paintwork throughout the building echoes the decorative inlaid marble elements in the stairway. The deep sage, maroon, green, and tan are not only lush and strong, but also somber and soothing tones, appropriate for the seat of city government.

In contrast to these darker colors, the banisters and railings were originally leafed in gold and silver. Sunlight from the skylight reflect off these metallic colors to brighten the entire interior space.

In the late 1800s, factories spewed black coal smoke into the downtown air, two hundred trains a day roared through the city, and air pollution soon tarnished the silver leaf paint throughout the building.

When City Hall was restored in the 1970s, radiator paint replaced the silver leaf. This paint offers a cost-effective variation with the same formal look but does not need the frequent polishing of silver leaf.