-Aldermen's Chamber is now a reception hall-

The Board of Aldermen's Chamber was once used as a meeting room for the Aldermen. It was too small to accommodate desks for all the Aldermen, so a large table was used for their meetings.

Since the Aldermen's council was dissolved in 1940 by a new city charter, the room has been used for smaller meetings, civic events, receptions and exhibits.

With the Mayor's Office and Council Chambers, it is the third room that has been fully reappointed with the elaborate detail of the original building.

Located on the fourth level of the original building were the Chief Engineer's Department, the Superintendents of Public Buildings and Lights, and the Chief Engineer of the Fire Department. Also on this floor is the spectators' balcony for the Council Chambers, complete with plush-backed wooden benches to observe the meetings of the Common Council. Though small, it can boost capacity numbers for the room to 200.