Feed That Meter: City to Step Up Parking Enforcement


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Feed That Meter: City to Step Up Parking Enforcement

The City of Providence will soon step up enforcement of its parking laws and begin issuing tickets to vehicles parked at expired parking meters or those that exceed posted curbside parking limits for all hours that parking regulations are in effect.

The City's current parking ordinance will be fully enforced from Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 6PM, in accordance with the city's existing parking enforcement ordinance. Posted one- and two-hour parking limits will be enforced and drivers need to "feed the meter" during the enforcement time posted on signs.

Fully enforcing the city's parking ordinance has the potential to generate much needed new revenue. Last year, parking meters generated $1.3 million. The city is currently losing at least 35 percent of its meter revenue annually due to under-enforcement.

Full enforcement was made possible in part by the city's recent agreement with Public Employees Local 1033, which will create flexible work schedules for Parking Enforcement Officers without additional overtime. In the past, the city did not issue parking tickets on Saturdays and weekdays after about 3 p.m. to avoid overtime costs that would exceed income generated by parking enforcement.

Drivers don't need to carry quarters in their pockets: the City offers a smart card that can be used to pay meters throughout the City. The ProvPass parking card is available in $10 and $20 denominations. Users swipe the card in the meter when they arrive and when they leave. The meter calculates the amount of time used and deducts the appropriate amount from the card.

The ProvPass can be purchased at City Hall, the Public Safety Complex or at the downtown AAA office. In May, the City will expand and promote the program to make cards even more readily available.

Please check out posted signs when you park in Providence to avoid being ticketed!

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