Providence Drivers Can Purchase Overnight Parking Permits at City Hall

Providence Drivers Can Purchase Overnight Parking Permits at City Hall

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The City of Providence has made it easier to purchase overnight parking permits. Starting immediately, drivers can process their application for an overnight parking permit at City Hall in the Board of Licenses office. Permits can also be purchased at the Department of Public Works/Traffic Engineering office at 60 Ernest Street, and the Municipal Court in the Public Safety Complex.

Permits can be purchased at City Hall Monday through Friday during normal business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm). In addition, City Hall is open until 7pm on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

City Hall will NOT be open late on Wednesday, November 21 because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Permits can be purchased at Traffic Engineering Monday through Friday from 7am to 4:30am. Permits can be purchased Monday through Friday at the Municipal Court from 8:30am to 3:00pm.

Earlier this year, the Parking Administration rolled out a citywide overnight parking permit program. Overnight parking permits are $100 per year, with a limit of two permits per household/unit. Buildings with six units or more are not eligible unless they can demonstrate a significant hardship. Vehicles must be registered in the City of Providence at the address the permit is being requested for to be eligible for an overnight parking permit.

Any unpaid tickets issued on the vehicle registration must be paid in order to obtain a parking permit. Residents will be required to provide a valid email and/or cell phone number that the city will use to provide parkers with information about parking bans during snow storm and other weather events.

A window sticker will be provided and must be applied to the upper left hand corner of the rear window. Once the permit sticker is applied, residents can park overnight in a legal spot on designated streets.

Resident Parking Permit holders may obtain one guest pass at an additional cost of $25.00. The guest pass may be used up to five times per month. The permit must be displayed in the guests vehicle in order to avoid being ticketed.

Residents with overnight parking permits will be advised whenever a snow emergency or other parking ban is declared, and will be responsible or removing their cars from the street for the duration of the ban. Vehicles parked on a designated street from 2:00AM- 5:00AM during a parking ban are subject to a $20 citation.

Residents purchasing a permit at City Hall must pay by check. Residents may pay with a credit card or by check at DPW or by cash or credit card at the Municipal Court. For more information, visit

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