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Frequently Asked Questions about Parking in Providence

How much does it cost to park at a meter?
The current meter rate in the City of Providence is $1.25 per hour, or 25 cents for every 12 minutes. Short term parking - (30-minute meters only) cost $0.75 for the thirty (30) minutes, or 25 cents for every 10 minutes.

If the posted sign limit is two hours, can I go back and "feed" the meter to obtain additional time?
No. The posted sign limits of 30 minutes, 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs and 10hrs are strictly enforced. The purpose of creating a time limit is to allow other motorists to find parking so that they can patronize local businesses. If you need longer-term parking there are over 60 parking lots located throughout the City that charge affordable daily rates.

When are the meters and parking regulations enforced?
The parking meters and posted signs are enforced from 8:00AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Saturday. Parking at a metered spot after 6:00PM or on a Sunday is free of charge.

I always hear that it is difficult to find a parking spot in Providence. How many parking spaces are there and where are they located?
Parking in Providence is easier than you think and there is an abundance of spaces available. There are over 1100 metered spots Downtown, College Hill, Smith Hill and the Jewelry District. There are also 400 un-metered spots, as well as over 20,000 public/private parking spaces within walking distance of most establishments. A map of metered locations and parking facilities can be found here for your reference.

What type of payment is accepted at the meters?
The single space parking meters accept all coins and credit cards on Westminster, Weybosset and Angell Streets. Multi-Space meters, which accept all coins and credit cards are also located on the following streets:
Dorrance St
Mathewson St
Union St
Orange St
Greene St
Greenman Ln
Broad St
Fountain St
Canal St
Pine St
Claverick St
Richmond St
Chestnut St
Exchange St
And in the area surrounding Rhode Island Hospital

Meters on all other streets in the Downtown, Knowledge District , Smith Hill, and East Side areas accept quarters only. The City's plan is to convert all meters to accept credit cards as well as all coin.

When parking at a meter, how do I know which meter goes to what parking space?
When parking at a meter, the meter that is closest to the front of the car belongs to that parking spot. To ensure that you receive credit for paying for a parking spot, always remember to pull the front of your car as close as possible to the meter pole so that they are parallel. There are some locations where there are double headed meters. In those situations one meter will be at the rear of the car. (See example below)

If a meter is not functioning, who should I contact and will I receive a ticket for parking there?
If a single space meter is not functioning properly you can report this to the Parking Administrator's Office at 781-4045 or by filling out a Service Request Form on ProvConnex here. Repairs to meters are made daily. If the meter is not functioning, you can still park at the location, but the posted time limits are still enforced. For example, if the meter you are parked at is a 1 hour meter, you will only be able to park at that location for 1 hour at no charge. You will receive a ticket if you overstay.

If a multi-space meter is not functioning properly, and there is another nearby, simply go to the nearest multi-space meter to pay for parking. The printed tickets that go in your window are not specific to any given parking spot. Just like a single-space meter, you can report a multi-space meter that is not functioning to the Parking Administrator's Office at 781-4045 or via ProvConnex.

What is the fine for overstaying my time at my meter or at a regulated parking spot?
The fine for parking at an expired meter or for overstaying your time at a meter/regulated parking spot is $25.00. Payment must be made within 14 days, as fines will double if not paid within the specified timeframe. If you feel that the ticket was given to you erroneously you can always contest the ticket and appear before the Providence Municipal Court, located at 325 Washington Street in Providence.

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