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Washington Park

Washington Park is blessed with natural and location advantages. Roger Williams Park, one of the finest urban parks in the Northeast, is an extended backyard for most Washington Park residents. The lakes forests, gardens, and amusements draw thousands of visitors, but the Park's spaciousness sustains a sense of privacy and peacefulness within its 430 acres.

The growing Port of Providence, nearby yacht clubs, and the sea air of Narragansett Bay are other advantages, as is bordering Edgewood, one of Cranston's older exclusive sections. Before the industrial growth of the 20th century, the area was known for its summer homes and a popular horse track.

Washington Park itself is not easily appreciated at a glance. The spacious homes that face Roger Williams Park give way to blocks of well-kept bungalows and capes, especially favored by young families with one or two small children. A little further on, two- and three-family homes are split between absentee landlords and owner-occupants. Community sentiment is pressing certain landlords, who do not maintain their properties up to standard, to invest or sell out to owners who will. Across Broad Street toward Narragansett Boulevard, larger Victorian homes dominate wider streets. Lots are often bigger, with an occasional carriage house or other outbuilding. Many of those who work in port-related industries occupy the well-maintained homes near the bay.

Commercial activity stretches out along the main corridors, Broad Street and Narragansett Boulevard. Broad and Eddy Streets meet at Washington Park Square, an attractive commercial center with a great deal of unrealized potential. Washington Park Square could offer a good opportunity to start a small business with long-term potential.

Small, single family homes between Broad Street and Roger Williams are reasonably priced. Exceptional homes in the area attract higher offers. Washington Park is traditionally an area of high real estate turnover, as young couples seek larger homes to match growing families. Buyers and sellers balance evenly.

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