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High-Rise Building Safety

The National Fire Protection Association defines "high-rise building" as a building greater than 75 feet (25 m) in height where the building height is measured from the lowest level of fire department vehicle access to the floor of the highest occupiable story. With these facts in mind it is important that tenants of high-rise buildings in Providence have a plan for any emergency.

What to do in a Hurricane or High-Wind Event

  • Stay Away from windows and glass doors;
  • If you live in a high-rise, check with the building management to determine whether your building can withstand strong winds;
  • Weather Conditions may deteriorate rapidly before the arrival of the hurricane. Once the hurricane begins, you must remain in your designated safe spot in the interior of your building;
  • Do not leave your safe room even if you hear windows breaking. It is extremely dangerous to expose yourself to the wind stream;
  • Do not leave a window open at the opposite side from the storm;
  • Close all windows, it is no longer believed advisable to keep a window slightly open in order to prevent certain types of wind damage;
  • If Electricity goes out, USE ONLY FLASHLIGHTS. NEVER use candles or kerosene lamps during the storm;
  • Never cook during the storm. A strong wind could spread fire, and the fire department would not be able to respond;
  • Turn off and unplug any unnecessary electrical equipment, especially sensitive electronics, before the power goes out. If power goes out, turn off all the circuit breakers or remove the fuses;
  • If you are in a multiple-story building and away from water, go to the first or second floors and take shelter in the halls or other interior rooms away from windows;
  • Interior stairwells and the areas around the elevator shafts are generally the strongest parts of the building; and
  • Be alert for TORNADOES which often are caused by hurricanes.

Additional information

Be ready for any hazardous situation. Residents should have Go-Bag in their place of dwelling or work. Extra copies of important documents should be kept in a waterproof and portable container, as well as:

  • Insurance cards, photo ID, proof of address;
  • Extra set of vehicle and house keys;
  • Credit/ ATM card or cash, especially in small denominations; and
  • It is recommended that one should keep at least $50 to $100 in this portable container.

Establish a Safe Room in your High-Rise

If you are planning on staying, choose and prepare a safe room where you will ride out the hurricane. Look for a large interior closet, a hallway, or a bathroom with no windows.

Equip the room with:

  • Battery-operated radio or TV
  • Chairs
  • Cushions
  • Towels
  • Extra batteries
  • Snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Medications

Other Considerations

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