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Vehicle Registration Renewal Blocks with RIDMV

City Policy: Once a registration block is imposed, payment IN FULL is required for clearance. If you have more than one vehicle registered in your name, all vehicles must be current in their taxes for clearance.

What the block means: If the DMV registration renewal form you received in the mail states "Unpaid Taxes…. Providence." it means your vehicle tax is seriously overdue, and the City has notified the state DMV to place a hold on all vehicle registration renewals. You will not be able to renew your registration until you have obtained a clearance from the Tax Collector's office.

You must pay your delinquent motor vehicle taxes and obtain clearance prior to renewal.

There Are 2 Steps to Clear a Registration Block:

1. Settle your tax account

In Person:
Come to the City Collector's office with payment in full (cash or money order only) of the tax and interest.

Online: If you know your tax account number (from your bill) and the full amount of payment, you may pay this with a credit card or e-check online through the City Collector's webpage or by dialing 855-288-0302. If you need information about the amount due or account number, contact us at 331-5252.

Only payments by credit card will be accepted for immediate release. Payment by check online takes 10 business days for release.

Through MCA: If your prior year account has been placed with a City-contracted collection agent (MCA) you may settle the account with them.

2. Obtain a clearance

In person:
After payment ask us to clear your account. For online or MCA payment, bring your confirmation number to us in City Hall.

Online: Email us your confirmation number and we will process an electronic clearance to DMV. You don't need to come in to City Hall to obtain a clearance this way.

Are you current in your taxes and still have a block? If, at any point in time, a registration block is imposed, it is not automatically removed. Thus, if DMV has advised you that City clearance is required, but you are current in your taxes, contact us by phone or email for assistance.

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