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Our Vision

Where people live, work, learn and play profoundly influence their health, well-being and behaviors. People living in environments where nutritious food and opportunities for physical activity are available and affordable are less likely to be obese. People in smoke-free environments are less likely to suffer from tobacco-related illnesses. Youth living in environments where healthy positive behaviors and choices are the norm, and harmful substances are not available, are less likely to use drugs and alcohol. Obesity and tobacco use are among the most common causes of chronic disease such as asthma, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Drug and alcohol use have harmful and sometimes fatal health effects and limit youth from reaching their full potential.

Protecting Youth, Promoting Healthy Communities

Mayor Jorge O. Elorza's vision for the City of Providence is to create a healthy and vibrant City:

  • with an abundance of opportunities for walking, biking, sports and exercise

  • where residents in every neighborhood, even those without traditional supermarkets, have access to fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables

  • filled with community and school gardens, access to farm-based produce, eggs and meats and opportunities for urban agriculture

  • with schools that serve healthy and nutritious meals and children have ample opportunity for physical activity and access to recreational programs

  • where alcohol and tobacco are not available to youth in stores, where youth make positive healthy choices and parents are knowledgeable and involved

  • where children, youth and residents feel safe and have full access to neighborhood parks, fields and walking paths

Establishment of the Healthy Communities Office

In August of 2012, Mayor Taveras signed an executive order expanding the Mayor's Substance Abuse Prevention Council (MSAPC) to create a new Healthy Communities Office (HCO) to serve a platform for Healthy Community policy, systems change, community coordination and financing.

The HCO will:

  • Serve as the coordinating body in the City of Providence for healthy living policies, activities and funding initiatives.
  • Design and implement policy and systems changes to increase the health and safety of youth and residents in the City of Providence
  • Empower youth and residents with public education and information to promote healthy environments in their communities and make healthy, positive, informed choices for themselves.
  • Gain input and feedback from the community; conduct community assessments and collect data, evidence-based research and best practice models

See the Executive order establishing the healthy communities office

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