Richard Benjamin 


Richard BenjaminRichard Benjamin is a former Providence Journal staff photographer who opted for early “retirement” in 1996 after a 27-year career covering every type of news and feature event in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts .

Retiring at an early age has allowed Richard the opportunity to develop a second career as a fine-art landscape and cityscape photographer, selling limited edition prints of many of the photos seen in this on-line collection. His work is sold exclusively by PICTURE THIS Galleries and Framing Shops located at 158 Wickenden St in Providence ’s Fox Point section and in the Quo Vadis shopping Plaza in Wakefield .

Richard also freelances as an assignment photographer and is a provider of stock photos of Rhode Island . In 1996 he was commissioned to do a year-long project documenting Roger Williams Park which resulted in a coffee table book published in 1997. He has recently finished,  “Rhode Island – Photographs by Richard Benjamin”, in bookstores and at Picture This. Next look for his fourth book Narragansett Bay in June 2008. Also, every Fall Richard Benjamin has a new calendar of Rhode Island photos will be available at Picture This.

Look for the Richard Benjamin Calendar every Fall at Picture This Galleries

For stock photos or assignments, call (508) 252-6223 or just e-mail Richard Benjamin at:
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