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Mayor Jorge O. ElorzaWelcome to Providence!

I am honored to serve as Providence’s 38th Mayor, and excited to work with every stakeholder in our City to build the New Providence.

We will move our City forward by creating a government that is open, accessible, and easy to navigate for everyone who lives, works, and visits Providence. In the coming weeks and months, we will realign our departments to better serve our residents, and create new opportunities for me, my staff and department directors to spend time in our neighborhoods listening to the concerns of residents.

Creating jobs and growing our local economy will be among our highest priorities. Our waterfront, highways, rail lines and international airport are our gateway to the rest of the world. Providence’s universities and research hospitals draw world-class talent and human capital to our city. Our neighborhoods are anchored by vibrant business districts. Providence has so many other strengths – our diversity, our architecture, and our quality of life. We will grow our economy with the raw materials at hand.

We live in a city that is 140 years older than our nation. Providence has persevered through everything from the American Revolution to the Industrial Revolution, the Great Depression to the Great Recession, the Hurricane of ’38 to the Blizzard of ’78. And we have risen to every challenge history has brought us.

We begin this administration with great energy and optimism – knowing that the best days of our City are ahead of us, and that with hard work and dedication we will do incredible things for Providence.

Together, we will make Providence the City that works!

Mayor Jorge O. Elorza

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